The founder :

 A Dreamer, a Creator : Discover the founder of Parisian Boudoir , Vandana.

Growing up in Santiniketan and influenced by Tagore’s vision of life, education, I started discovering my own passion for clothing & fashion at a very young age, my inquisitive mind explored and grasped the knowledge of weaving, dyeing, printing, embroideries, forms, silhouettes.. every fabric told me a story, every print gave me an idea and the journey began…

Working over 25 years in the Clothing and lifestyle business in India and overseas , finally in Paris I fell in love with my idea of creating a collection of timeless Parsian Brands along with my own private labels emphasizing the beautiful fabrics, workmanship and the allure to compliment the indian womenhood.

In 2016 accompanied by Sebastien, Thierry , Satnam and Vimarsh, my dream “Parisian Boudoir “ was born. Parisian Boudoir Made with fun and fashion from PARIS